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Centralia Sentinel, Centralia, Illinois

10 Sep 1863, page 3

Interments in the City Cemetery - During the week ending yesterday, the 9th isnt:
Sept. 5th, Infant of Jacob Kohl
Sept. 6th, Infant of D. C. Bezant
Sept. 7th, J. L. Beers, 14 months
Sept. 7th, Chauncy Cummings of Co E 24th Ill. vol's, supposed age 36 years
Sept. 8th, A. L. Summerville, 36 years
Sept. 9th, Christinana Wehrheim

A. A. Briggs, Sexton.

03 Nov 1864, page 3

Woodward-Hildibrand - In this city, at the residence of the bride's parents, Nov. 2nd, by Rev. G. F. Beach, Mr. W. I. Woodward to Miss Anna Hildibrand, all of this place.

Morton-Cunningham - In Remyne Prairie, on Tuesday, Oct. 25th, by Rev. M. Harshaw, Mr. J. B. Morton to Mrs. Jerusha Cunningham.

Elrod - In this city, Oct 15th, 1864, James Weston, son of S. R. and Lois W. Elrod, aged 1 year, 8 months and 10 days.

19 Jan 1865, page 2

In this city, Tuesday A. M., Jan. 17, 1865, William Humphrey, son of F. and Elizabeth Humphrey, aged 23 years.

13 Apr 1865, page 3

April 6th, 1865, at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. Samuel Walker, Mr. Henry S. Hass, of Washington county, to Mrs. Emeline W. McClellan, of Sandoval.
Nashville Journal please copy.

In this city, April 13th, Kerry A. Elson, aged 1 year, 5 months, and 13 days.
Also  In Centralia, March 29th, Florence C. Musselman, aged 4 years, 1 month and 16 days.


Centralia, Sept. 11, 1866
Mr. Editor: - The following named comprise all that have been interred in the City Cemetery as cholera cases from Positive and conflicting reports, so it is possible some may be incorrect.
August 12 - D. H Fitzhugh
Sept. 4 - Mary Clatlin
Sept. 6 - Wm. Gunt, G. Seiglinger
Sept. 7 - Andrew Lemineri, John Smith, Peter Eaton, Mich. Gleason, Mary Cheney, Johnathan Thurston, Joseph Zingg, J. R. Heller
Sept. 8 - Robt. Woodside, Lourie S___, Charles H. Bowers
Sept. 9 - Christian Greimann, Mich. Griswold
Sept. 10 - Sarah S. Gibson, Samuel Middleton
Sept. 11 - Geo. F. Bergmann, a colored man from Station House.
A. A. BRIGGS, City Sexton

15 Jun 1865, page 3

In this city on Friday, June 9th, 1865, Jane Sanderson, Wife of Robert Green, aged 25 years.

07 Sep 1865, page 3

At the Residence of M. P. Hester in Centralia, Ill., Sept 6, by Rev. T. O. Spenser, Mr. Mark Young and Miss Julia Hester.

In this city, on Friday, Sep. 1st, 1865, Willie Epwin, infant son of H. M. McKsonger, aged 1 year and 5 months.

08 Feb 1866, page 3

Information wanted of Mary Ann Dethrow, wife of the undersigned, and his three children, consisting of Mary Ann, in her 15th year, crippled in her left hand, from a burn in her infancy; Thomas J. Dethrow, about ten years old, with a scar on his nose, caused by the bite of a dog, and Susan Elizabeth, about eight years old.

The undersigned became separated from his family about the 1st of August last, by being captured by the Guerrillas, three miles below Helena, Ark., and after an absence of two months returned and found his family gone, and that he had been reported to them as dead, and learned that they had obtained transportation to Cairo, in company with a man by the name of Tapp, and a widow woman and family called George.

Any information that will restore my family will be thankfully received and liberally rewarded.
ELI S. DETHROW, Macon, Macon Co., Ill.

19 Apr 1866, page 3

At Kinmumndy on the 27th ult., by Tilman Razer. Esq., Mr. Lorenzo D. Allman to Mrs. Mary E. Williams, all of Kinmundy.

December 16th, 1865, at the residence of her widowed mother, near New Middleton, Illinois, Terissa A. Creed, aged 17 years, 10 months and 20 days.

27 Sep 1866, page 5

In St. Louis, Saturday, March 10, by the Rev. J. H. Brookes, Mr. J. O. Daniels to Miss Julia H. Nowland, daughter of L. Nowland, of Sandoval, Illinois.

In this city, on Saturday, April 14, 1866, Elisa Emilie Landes, daughter of D. G. and S. Landes, aged six months and 18 days.


30 Jul 1880

"A young man named Joseph STATES, residing in the north part of Centralia, Ill., who was married over nineteen days since, was shot dead in his yard by some unknown person. There is no clue to the murderer. The dreadful deed is supposed to have been committed by some of his previous rivals in the suit for the hand of his bride. Some suppose it to be a case of suicide, caused by the fact that he was destitute of funds. He was shot through the heart. His wife went out and found him just dying."

Joseph was my ggg grand uncle. He was the son of John Hazel States and Rosanna Gibson. The wife mentioned in the article was Nellie Ball. They were married in July 1880 just before he was murdered. I don't know what happened to Nellie after Joseph's death.

Submitted by Wendy White

Marion County Herald

August 20, 1880

Nativity, age arid politics of the Grand Jury at the August term of the Circuit Court, 1880:

S. ANDREWS, Ill., 55, Republican Jno. YOUNG, Ill., 58, Democrat
Wm. M. RAY, Ca., 51, Democrat
N.M. CHAMPLIN, N.Y., 31, Democrat
H.F. KELCHNER, Pa,, 52, Greenback
L.H. KAGY, Oh., 48, Democrat
Jno. A. PHILLIPS, Oh., 49, Democrat
J.W. ROBB, Ill., 51, Democrat
J.W. FYKE, Ill., 46, Democrat
J.T. GARNER, Ill., 30, Democrat
R.W. BUECHER, Oh., 40, Greenback
Jno. GASTON, Ill., 37, Democrat
Noah CRUSE, Ill., 4l, Democrat
D.W. HOLSTLAW, Ill., 32, Democrat
J.E. WILKERSON, Ky., 32, Democrat
I.I. SHANNAFELT, Oh., 44, Democrat
Jno. H. GRAY, Ill, 4l, Democrat
C. VAIL,____, 4O, Republican
Thomas MIDDLETON, Ill., 37, Democrat
J.B. HANNA 43, Democrat
D.P. SNELLING, Maine, 59, Republican
A.J. CHANCE, Ill., 32, Democrat
W.fl. COLE, Ark., 44 Greenback
Britton SMITH, Bailiff, N.C., 68, Democrat

SUBMITTED BY: Misty Flannigan

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Contributed by John

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