Marion County

What's New

Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this Marion County ILGenWeb site.

01 Dec 2018 Added some surnames found in available church records
07 Nov 2018 Added 9 biographies from 1912 History of Southern Illinois volume 3
28 Sep 2018 Added resource link to church records
28 Aug 2018 Thanks to FamilySearch, added some Catholic church records
08 Jun 2018 Thanks to Melissa McCord, added links to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
10 May 2018 Thanks to Mary Park, added her Sinclair BRYANT query
07 Apr 2018 Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Galbraith's railway map
28 Mar 2018 Added links to a GSSI map of Marion County
15 Feb 2018 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Korean War Fatal Casualties list
12 Feb 2018 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Vietnam War Fatal Casualties list
26 Jan 2018 Added 1877-1915 deaths from Illinois State Archives
22 Dec 2017 Thanks to Meg M, added notation to 1999 Query regarding REDDING descendants chart, which includes William GLASSFORD. Chart is available at Bond ILGenWeb.
11 Dec 2017 Thanks to ILGenWeb, added Mexican-American War link
03 Nov 2017 Added more 1909 biographies
11 Jul 2017 Added more 1909 biographies
05 Jun 2017 Added some 1909 biographies
19 May 2017 Added 1916-1950 deaths from Illinois State Archives
15 May 2017 Restored remaining photos, etc., and added churches extract
11 May 2017 Restored families, postcards, school photos, histories, mine disaster, more newspaper articles
10 May 2017 Implemented new look courtesy of Marsha Bryant of Templates-In-Time
09 May 2017 Added marriages from Illinois State Archives
08 May 2017 Expanded list of cemeteries
07 May 2017 Added some maps and  military lists for Revolutionary War, Civil War, 1883 pensioners, Spanish-American War, Home residents, and 1929 honor Roll
06 May 2017 Restored military lists for Black Hawk War, Mexican-American War, Civil War, and WWII photo
05 May 2017 Restored biographies
04 May 2017 Restored queries
03 May 2017 Restored marriages, births, newpapers, and obituaries
02 May 2017 Added resource links and 1912 History extraction
21 Apr 2017 New County Coordinator, Norma Hass, adopted site

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