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Biography - Edgar F Brubaker

The subject of this sketch, Edgar F. Brubaker, is a man who is an important factor in the farming and mercantile business in the county in which he lives. The son of one of the pioneer residents of Marion county, a man who held a record as a large farmer and merchant, and as a church worker and a prominent citizen, entitled him by birth to a place in the life of the community. He has, however, had the advantages of a present day education, and his trained brain and industrious habits have brought him success in life.

Edgar F. Brubaker, a twin brother of Edwin M. Brubaker, was born in Alma township, on October 6, 1859, and was the son of Eli Brubaker and Mary Warner, his wife. His father, who was born December 11, 1818, and who died July 10, 1907, was universally known and respected in the community. He was one of the pioneers of Marion county, where he made a name for himself. He helped to establish a Presbyterian church in Stevenson township, and was an active, conscientious, and untiring religious worker. For over forty years he held the position of superintendent of Sunday schools, after which he was elected honorary superintendent for the remainder of his life. He was noted and known throughout the county as a raiser and breeder of Durham cattle. His farm at one time comprised fourteen hundred acres of as good land as there was in the county. For many years he turned his attention to the mercantile business in an extensive way in Salem. He was a life long Democrat and one of the most popular and important men in his section of the county. His family consisted of seven children. They were: Isaac B., who married Dolly Kagy, and has one child; Christian M., who married Woodson Cheely and has eight children; Anna B., who married Shannon Kagy, has five children; William A. married Marindy Van Gilder, and has five children; Edwin M., the twin brother of the subject of our sketch, married Catherine Byers and has two children; and Logan E. married Rachel Kagy and has two children.

Edgar F. Brubaker married Mariette Kagy, on April 3, 1888. No children have been born to them. In his youth he was educated at the common schools, afterwards attending Lincoln University, where he took a scientific course. Like his father before him, he started extensively in the farming business and with much success until about eleven years ago, when he decided to go into the mercantile business in Brubaker. His venture along mercantile lines was an assured success, and his business has a turnover now of about twenty thousand dollars. In addition to his large mercantile interests, Edgar F. Brubaker still holds about four hundred acres of land and is a breeder or Polled-Angus cattle on an extensive scale, the Polled-Angus herd which he now has on his farm being of a remarkably good quality. In the past he has been quite a large raiser of sheep and has the reputation of being a shrewd and experienced agriculturalist.

In politics Edgar F. Brubaker is a Democrat. In the political life of his township he has been as active as his business interests could permit him to be. He has served a term as Road Supervisor, and twice as a Justice of the Peace. His reputation along agricultural lines gained him the distinction of serving on the Board of Agriculture at the State Fair at the time of its being held at Peoria, Illinois. In the social and religious life of the township and county, the names of Edgar F. and Mrs. Brubaker are well to the fore. Their names have rarely been absent from social and religious functions in the neighborhood. As a citizen and a representative businessman, the subject of our sketch is admired and respected. He has all the qualities which go to the making of the desirable and conscientious member of the community.

Extracted 05 Jun 2017 by Norma Hass from 1909 Biographical and Reminiscent History of Richland, Clay and Marion Counties, Illinois, pages 365-367.

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