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Biography - Theodore F. Gerould

THEODORE F. GEROULD, M. D., one of the best known physicians and surgeons in Centralia, has brought to the practice of his profession a well-trained mind of natural ability, a sympathetic heart and warm human interest in the lives of others. With such gifts, natural and acquired, it is no wonder that today he has one of the largest practices in the city and the surrounding country.

Dr. Gerould was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the 15th of September, 1879. His father was H. T. Gerould, who came from an eastern family, being born in Massachusetts. The grandfather of Dr. Gerould was Lyman Gerould, a native of New Hampshire. Here he owned and operated a large woolen mill, but the attraction of the great Northwest proved too strong for him, so he came out to Minnesota and settled in Minneapolis. Later he bought some farm land near the city, and lived the quiet life of a farmer until he died. His son H. T. moved to Cairo, Illinois, in 1874, where he held the position of superintendent of the Gas and Electric Light Company. After a time he went to Minneapolis, and moved from there to Centralia in 1893. He died February 2, 1912. In politics he was a Republican, and his religious affiliations were with the Episcopal church.

H. T. Gerould married Sophia Fleming, whose father had migrated from his native state of Ohio in his youth and had settled in Cairo, Illinois. Here he became cashier of a bank and in time acquired considerable wealth. Mrs. Gerould was born in Ohio, and Dr. Gerould was an only child.

After the completion of his preparatory work, Dr. Gerould attended the University of Illinois, at Champaign, and then, having decided to make medicine his profession, he entered Rush Medical College at Chicago. After completing two years of the course offered at the latter institution he went to the Jefferson College in Philadelphia, where he graduated with the degree of M. D. in 1901. For a year he remained in the east, practicing at Wild Wood, New Jersey, then he returned to the west and located in. Centralia, in 1902. In addition to the large practice that he has built up from that time he has considerable surgical work. He is surgeon for the Illinois Central Railway Company, for the Marion Coal Company, and for the Envelope Factory. He has devoted all of his time to the practice of medicine, and cares little for politics.

In his religion he is a communicant and regular attendant at the Episcopal church. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and Chapter in Centralia, and also belongs to the Elks, being past exalted ruler in the Elks lodge, No. 493. From 1904 to 1908 he performed the duties of coroner.

Extracted 07 Nov 2017 by Norma Hass from History of Southern Illinois, by George W. Smith, published in 1912, volume 3, pages 1293-1294.

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