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Biography - EARL C. HUGGINS

Coupled with Mr. Huggins' innate ability as an attorney, his unusual clearness of perception, analytical tact and soundness of theory is his courteous manners, persistency and unswerving integrity, rendering him one of the strong young attorneys of this locality and one of the successful practitioners of this county, and to him the future is particularly bright owing to his natural ability and past splendid record.

Earl C. Huggins, whose law and insurance office is located in Kinmundy, Illinois, was born in Marion county, this state, September 9, 1877, and, unlike many of his early companions and contemporaries, who sought precarious fortunes in other fields, most of them finding merely the will-o'-the-wisp of success, Mr. Huggins preferred to remain on his native heath, believing that greater things awaited him right here at home than could be found otherwhere, and, judging from the success which has attended his efforts, such a decision was a most fortunate one not only for himself, but also for the people of this vicinity. He is the son of Steven D. and Lena (Crundwell) Huggins, well known and influential family for many years in this county.

Grandfather Huggins was a Kentuckian, having come to Illinois, settling in this county on a farm which he purchased, and on which he remained during the rest of his life, dying here at the age of seventy-five years. His widow, a grand old lady of beautiful Christian character, is still living in 1908, at the advanced age of ninety years. She is a faithful member of the Presbyterian church.

Stephen Huggins, father of the subject, was born in Marion county, this state, attending the public schools here, working on his father's farm until he became of age, when he was married, after which he farmed for a time with much success, then moved to Kinmundy and followed teaming, later engaging in the coal mining business in this vicinity, being still interested in mining. His residence is in Kinmundy.

Mrs. Lena Huggins, mother of our subject, was brought to America from England when a child, and her people eventually settled at Salem, this county, where her parents died when she was young. She attended the public schools in Salem, where she remained until the age of sixteen. After the death of her parents she was taken into the family of Wily Cunningham, who was a soldier, having been killed in battle during the Civil war. After the death of Mr. Cunningham his widow married again, her second husband having been Mr. Samuel Jones. They moved to Stevenson township, Marion county, where our subject's mother remained until her marriage.

The following children have been born to the subject's parents: Roy, whose date of birth occurred March 21, 1876, is a painter by trade, living at Granite City, Madison county, Illinois; and Earl C., our subject.

Earl C. Huggins received his early education in Kinmundy, graduating from the high school here in 1897, after making a brilliant record for scholarship. Following this he clerked in the post-office for one year, then he acted as clerk in a grocery store for a period of one year, being an efficient clerk in both, but believing that his true calling lay along more worthy planes, he began the study of law under Judge C. H. Holt, at that time a resident of Kinmundy, being County Judge at the time. He made rapid progress in his studies and entered the Illinois Wesleyan University, College of Law, from which he graduated high in his class in 1903, having won a record as one of the ablest pupils that ever passed through this well known institution. After leaving the law school, Mr. Huggins formed a partnership with his former instructor, Judge Holt, the partnership being a particularly strong one, and continuing in a most successful manner until August 1904, when the judge moved to Salem, the county seat. Since that time our subject has continued the practice of law with his office in Kinmundy, but the volume of business has been very large for one man to handle. However, Mr. Huggins has ably dispensed with it all and is keeping his usual large number of clients, his business extending well over Marion county and invading surrounding counties, being general in its nature. He is known as a very careful and conscientious worker.

Although Mr. Huggins does not aspire to positions of official preferment, he is at present serving very efficiently as city attorney of Kinmundy, being in his second term. In politics he is a loyal Republican, and his influence can always be depended upon in placing the best men in the county offices and in support of all movements looking to the development of the community at large, whether political, educational or moral.

Fraternally our subject is affiliated with the Masonic Order and the Knights of Pythias, having filled the chairs in the latter, and one would judge from a study of his daily life that he advocates the sublime principles of these praiseworthy orders.

Extracted 08 Jul 2017 by Norma Hass from 1909 Biographical and Reminiscent History of Richland, Clay and Marion Counties, Illinois, pages 102-104.

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