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Biography - John Hull

Prof. John Hull was the second President of the Southern Illinois State Normal University, succeeding Dr. Allyn in the summer of 1892.

Prof. Hull is a native of Salem, Marion county, Illinois. He had the ordinary advantages of the public schools of a third of a century ago. At the age of about 18 years, he entered the State Normal at Normal with the first entering class. From the Normal he was graduated in due course of time and immediately entered upon the profession of teaching.

He was soon thereafter elected to the superintendencey of the schools of McLean county. In this capacity he served a portion of two terms, coming to this school about the second year of its existence. He organized the training department and was connected therewith during his connection with the school. He was especially interested in higher mathematics and usually conducted classes therein, though not required by the course of study.

He also liked to delve in the mysteries of Metaphysics and was for several years in charge of the Pedagogy and Psychology.

When Dr. Allyn resigned in '92, the board selected Prof. Hill as his successor. Prof. Hull had already been selected to have charge of the exhibit of the Southern Illinois Normal at the World's Fair, and the burden of preparing the exhibit now fell upon him. He was ably assisted by the Faculty and the exhibit by this school was universally praised by educators.

At the end of one year's service as president, there was a change in the board and Prof. Hull severed his connection with the school. He was chosen president of the River Falls, Wisconsin, Normal. Here he served one year when, by reason of ill health, he resigned and went into the Rocky Mountains. Later he located in New Whatcom, on Puget Sound, Washington, where he is now engaged as editor of a daily paper.

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