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Biography - SAMUEL W. JONES

The honored subject of this sketch is a representative of one of the sterling pioneer families of Marion county and is personally identified with the industrial interests of this section of the state where he has spent his life, being the owner of a fine farming property in Kinmundy township.

Samuel W. Jones was born in Marion county, Illinois, September 15, 1858, and he has preferred to spend his entire life within the borders of the same, where he believed he would have better advantages among the people where the Jones family had long been noted for their industry and honesty, than he would have in other counties of this or any other state of our great Union. He is the son of Jackson C. and Margaret (Whiteside) Jones. A history of the subject's father and mother and their ancestry will be found under the head of James R. Jones, whose sketch appears in another part of this volume.

Our subject received his early education in the district schools where he applied himself in a diligent manner to his books and received a fairly good education, having fed a large herd of his father's cattle in the meantime. He left school at the age of nineteen and began farming, which enterprise he has since been identified with and which he has made a great success, being recognized today as one of the leading agriculturists of his community. He has prospered until he has become the owner of a valuable farm consisting of one hundred and thirty-five acres. His land is under a high state of cultivation and the soil has been kept in a very good condition through proper management until excellent crops are reaped from it year by year, the subject being thus enabled to make a comfortable living and also lay by something for the future. He has a good income also from his stock, being especially interested in the raising of Poland China hogs and Shropshire sheep, both being noted for their excellent quality, for Mr. Jones certainly understands the successful handling of stock. He has a nice, modem and comfortable dwelling and a large number of good outbuildings, in fact everything about his place shows excellent management and prosperity.

Our subject was united in marriage September 20, 1877, to Hannah Atkins, who was born in Foster township, Marion county, December 24, 1861, the daughter, of Nathan Atkins, who was born August 28, 1817, in Alabama. He came to Illinois when a young man and took up government land, cleared a farm which he continued to work the rest of his life and on which he reared a family of twelve children, eight boys and four girls, five of whom are still living. Their names are James, Moses, John, Thomas, Barbara, Margaret, George, all deceased: Joseph, Richard, Hannah, Elizabeth and Catherine, all living. Nathan Atkins has long since passed to his rest. He married Mary Garrett, the daughter of Moses and Hannah Garrett, pioneers of this county.

Our subject and wife are the parents of three living children and one child that is dead. Their names are, Charles W., William O., deceased; Bessie C., and Mary J. Charles W. Jones married Susie Pearson, and they have one son, named Carroll G. William Pearson, the father of Charles W. Jones's wife, was born in Marion county. Her mother's name was Emiline Anglin, who was also born in this county. William Pearson was the father of six children, two boys and four girls. Mrs. Hannah Jones was educated, in the country schools of this county where she diligently applied herself until she was sixteen years of age when she was married to our subject who was nineteen. She is a good housewife and mother, of a cheerful disposition and is beloved by all who know her for her many beautiful traits of character.

Our subject, while not a member of any church, is a believer of the principles of Christianity and good government. He is a stanch Democrat and his support can always be depended upon when any measure looking to the public good are at issue.

Extracted 09 Jul 2017 by Norma Hass from 1909 Biographical and Reminiscent History of Richland, Clay and Marion Counties, Illinois, pages 221-222.

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