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Mr. Reinhardt is one of those characters whose integrity and personality must force them into an admirable notoriety, which their modesty never seeks, who command the respect of their contemporaries and their posterity and leave the impress of their individuality upon the lives of those with whom they come in contact.

Julius Reinhardt, jeweler and musician of Centralia, Marion county, and one of the representative business men and honorable citizens of this locality, was born in Lebanon, Illinois, May 16, 1874, the son of Charles, Sr., and Marie (Blass) Reinhardt. The father of the subject was born in Germany, near Saxony, and the subject's mother was born in Bavaria, Germany. They came to America when young and were married in St. Louis, Missouri. They are now both deceased, the father having been called from his earthly labors in 1905 and the mother passed to her rest in 1904. There were eight children in their family, seven of whom are living in 1908, our subject being the youngest in order of birth.

The early education of the subject of this sketch was obtained in the public schools of Lebanon, Illinois. Later he attended McKendree College, taking a business course in this institution and making a splendid record for scholarship.

The domestic life of our subject dates from September 12, 1900, when he was united in marriage to Alberta Allmon, the representative of an influential family of Salem, Illinois, and to this union two sons and one daughter have been born, namely: Edwin A., Virginia M., and Julian, the two oldest being in school at this writing, 1908.

Mr. Reinhardt's business life properly began in 1889, when he launched in the jewelry business in Centralia, having first located in Buck's drug store, conducting a repair shop. Since that time Mr. Reinhardt has been known as a conscientious as well as a skilled workman. He conducted this business for a period of three years, when he conducted a similar business with like success for a period of two years in Zarbeck's hardware store. He started in with a stock of jewelry in 1889 and he has gradually built up a trade, having been extensively patronized from the first, until he now has a very extensive and beautiful stock of goods in commodious and elegant quarters, and he enjoys a liberal income, always treating his numerous customers with the utmost courtesy and giving them full value received, having an intimate knowledge of the jewelry business and giving them the benefit of this knowledge by placing the best goods obtainable in his store.

In politics Mr. Reinhardt is strictly independent. There are many features of each of the great parties which commend themselves to him, but, from his observation and experience, he has decided that far more depends on the man than on the platform. It has often been demonstrated that party pledges have never yet been fabricated out of indestructible material and sensible people know that more reliance can be placed upon the word and work of a truly honest man than upon the most sacred pledge of the best political party that was ever organized. Hence the man and not the party should be the first consideration of the voter. That the subject is a man of much originality of thought is clearly evidenced by the position he takes in politics.

The parents of the subject were Presbyterians, but Mr. Reinhardt is not affiliated with any church organization, but his support can always be depended upon in the advancement of any movement looking to the religious, moral, civic or educational welfare of the community. In his fraternal relations he is a member of the modern Woodmen.

Mr. Reinhardt is a musician and is a member of the McNeil's orchestra of the Pittenger Grand Opera House in Centralia, one of the leading musical organizations in this part of the state. Our subject has thoroughly mastered the English language, being able to speak either English or German fluently. He is a man of genial personality, a perfect type of the true gentleman.

Extracted 27 May 2019 by Norma Hass from 1909 Biographical and Reminiscent History of Richland, Clay and Marion Counties, Illinois, pages 561-562.

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