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Fulton Cemetery

The exact location of the old Fulton Graveyard, according to land description is NW 1/4NE 1/4 Section 2, TIN R.3E, Haines Township. It is situated on a knoll or promontory on the west side of the south fork of Fulton Creek in the approximate center of an eighty acre pasture belonging to Mr. Charlie Huff on the north half of the northeast quarter of section 2. Except for a few hundred feet, this old cemetery may be reached by auto by driving four miles east of the town of Salem on Highway 50 to country road 21, turning south four and one-half miles, then east over a rather rough road for one and three-quarter miles to a pasture gate, then alighting and walking southeasterly approximately three hundred feet to a wooded knoll.


Truman Jenkins (Iuka) and Ron Pitts (Salem) went to the old Fulton Graveyard. They noted the legible engravings while photographing the headstones.

The Jenkins-Pitts photos and notes were contributed by Allen Jenkins.


The condition of this old graveyard: tree-grown, brush and weed-covered. The entire eastern end was covered with a thick growth of young trees, about 12 to 15 feet in height. This is the section which tradition says was used by the Indians to bury their dead. There were no descernible markers nor mounds which would identify graves. Many stones were fallen and had to be uncovered before being read. There may have been others that were buried too deeply to show. But it is certain there were other unidentifiable graves, including those of the seven sons of Dr. John B. Middleton who, according to relatives of the family, also were buried there.

BLACKBURN, Fannie, "Beloved wife of A. T. Blackburn", died March 10, 1887, age 75
BLACKBURN, Lillie, died Oct. 8, 1874, age 2 days
BLACKBURN, Rosetta, died March 3, 1868, age 5 mo 12 days, children of A. E. & M. Blackburn
BREEZE, John, died May 26, 1870, age 80 yrs 6 mo 21 days (On this same stone was recorded the name of his Sarah McCormick "mother of Sarah Hollowell, wife of Breeze" - see McCormick below)
FOSTER, Catherine, 1830-1875
FOSTER, James, 1827-1887
FULTON,James, "son of D. & M. Fulton, died Sept. 17, 1858, age 40 yr 2 mo ? da”
HILL, William, "born in So. Car. May 27, 1797, died Sept. 20, 1888" (This name was on same marker with that of Jane McDonald.)
HILL, Mary Ann, "dau of Wm. & Jane Hill, born May 15, 1824, died Jan. 20, 1837, age 13 yr 7 mo 5 da"
HALASON, Mary, "died May 2, 1857, 78 yr. I mon 12 da"
HOLLOWELL, Sarah, "Mother, wife of Breeze” (I could not read the remainder of the inscription as it was lying under a large fallen tree.)
HOLSTLAW, Henry E., "died Nov. 23, 1848, age 37 yr 7 mo I I da"
HOLSTLAW, Mary, "widow of Richard Holstlaw, died Sept. 3, 1840, age 56 yr I mo 30 da7”
HOLSTLAW, Richard V., "died Feb. 2, 1847, age 19 yr 5 mo 14 da"
JAMES, Elizabeth, "dau. Of W. W. & M. H. James, died Aug 20, 1853, age I I yr 9 mo 12 da"
JAMES, Melinda H., "In memory of Malinda H. James, wife of W. W. James, Departed this life March 26, 1846, age 22 yr 4 mo 11 da"
JOURDAN, Allen G., 1882-1941
JORDAN, Jas., "Co. 14, 111 IL ME" (No date shown)
JOURDAN, Jos. J., "May 1, 1887 (This name and following were on same stone)
JOURDAN, Sarah H., "his wife, Mar. 11, 1840 - Sept. 13, 1906"
McDONALD, Jane, "born in So. Car., Jan. 20, 1800, married to W. H. Hill, April 8, 1819, died Jan. 30 1877". (This was on same stone with William Hill)
McCORMICK, Martha, "wife, died June 12, 1878. Age abt 75 yrs"
MILLER, Herman
MILLER, Mary, "born Nov. 8. 1837, died Aug. 5. 1878 "In memory of Rachel" (Could not read remainder inscription)

Submitted by Janice Staples, copied from "FOOTPRINTS" 1978 Winter Issue, typed by Norma Turner.

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