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Eller Family Collection

Newton A Eller family group sheet

Newton A. Eller .... The family .... Newton Eller and wife .. Anna (Annie) M. Mayer .. Eller ... wedding picture.

Goldie Irean Kingen, daughter of Henry Edward Kingen and Artie Pearl Stockton .. 1st known wife of Joseph P. Eller. Being there is Elizabeth Ann Eller may have been another wife .. yet unknown whom her mother is ...... no documents yet or marriage record of Goldie and Joseph ... or his secound known wife Marry Geneva Huber.

Kathleen Lavon Eller, my mother.

Elizabeth Ann Eller .. sister to Kathleen LaVon Eller .... my mom ... her parents are Joseph P. Eller ... Goldie ...... I know nothing about Elizabeth ... sean this picture years ago ... did not know she was alive till my grandfather Joseph's obit.

Joseph Eller with unknown woman and child

Joseph P. Eller with daughter, Kathleen LaVon Eller

Mary Geneva Huber ... 2nd wife known. Joseph P. Eller .... adopted daughter ... Melita Irean Eller .... this is one of his daughter's children ... Kathleen LaVon's .... 2 other children from her first marriage. She is still living ... along with one sister .... her brother is deceased. my mother married twice .... there are 3 of us from that marriage ..... I am the oldest from them.

... Newton and Anna's daughter ... Joseph P. Eller's sister .... Joseph ... Mary, who nick name was Peggy and Melita Eller .... this is it for my Eller family born in Marion Co. The family moved from Marion to Peoria ... then to Tazwell Co. Newton came from Jefferson Co ... All in Illinois.

..daughter Marie and son grandfather ..Joseph Peter Eller...Marion Co.

Family group sheet, photos, and notes contributed by Bonita Goodger.

Extrapolated Joseph Eller Descendants Chart

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