Marion County

William Xon Harlan


Photo 1

Guests at Xon's party on his 15th birthday, 10 Jan 1910.

1. Lewis Conant
2. Frank Howell
3. Chauncey Rice
4. Hyatt Spillman
5. William Xon Harlan
6. Loren(?) Babcock

Photo 2

Jan 10 1910
Back row: Rice, Conant, Harlan
Front: Babcock, (Howell), Spillman

Photo 3

Kinmundy High School baseball team
Hard to make out the names:

2nd from left Xon Harlan
5th from right (George)
4th from right (Loyd)
2nd from right (whit---)

Back of the post card reads:

Am playing ball now. Played Centralia Sat. Got beat, expect to win next Sat. Xon.

Photos contributed by Karen