Marion County

Edward Silvey's Ancestors

Alex and Nancy Jane (Sutherland) Silvey

William and Evelina (Spurgeon) Brown

William Brown

Charlotte (Brown) Frazier

Fred, Lee, and Bert Frazier

These photos are of either Browns or Spurgeons. I tend to believe Spurgeons, as one picture I have of Granny Spurgeon looks a lot like it. I know they are related, as they were in my uncle's trunk that had belonged to Charlotte (Brown) Frazier. The Spurgeons were her grandparents.

EDWARD SILVEY born Dec.25 in Wayne co. died Nov.22, 1965 in Iuka, Ill., married July 10, 1910 to ORA CATHERINE CORRY born April 5,1884 in Xenia, died Oct.24, 1965 in Iuka

Edwards parents were ALEX H. SILVEY born May 28 -----in Ohio and died Jan 3 1928 in Iuka married to NANCY JANE SUTHERLAND born June 19, 1844 in Indiana and died Jan 6, 1928 in Iuka

Alex 's father was GEORGE SILVEY and mothers name was Melissa Ross

WILLIAM BROWN was born Feb 28, 1862 in Wayne co and died Oct 23 1937 at Salem married to Eveline Spurgeon born Mar 27, 1864 in Illinois, died in Jefferson co

William’s parents were John Brown and Frances J Blackburn.

William’s daughter was Charlotte Brown born Oct 31, 1901 in Marion co. and died Dec. 21, 1944, she had been married and divorced from Clarence Frazier of Jefferson co. Ill

These people moved around Marion, Wayne and Jefferson co during their lifetimes so had ties to all.

Ora Catherine Corry parents were John Corry 1860/1924..?Angie Holman born Il / died 1924 in Clay co.

John's parents were John M. Corry 1808 in Va/? ../Minerva Rhodes born 1829 in Tn died Wayne co

Angie’s parents were Edward Holman 1825 in Ind /? ../Martha Jordan born 1827 in Ill

Parents of Eveline Spurgeon were Jacob Spurgeon/ Mary Ward

Parents of John Brown: Barney Beth Brown/Nance Arnie Stong

Parents of Frances J. Blackburn: Andrew Thomas Blackburn 1811 in Tn died 1889 in Wayne co/Frances Eddings 1811/1887

Parents Of Andrew: John Blackburn/Elsie?

Parents of Frances were John Eddings1763/1842(died Iuka) and Elizabeth Weaver 1784/ 1842

Parents of Elizabeth were Dave Weaver/?Tooley. Dave was said to be Cherokee Indian Chief and had 1 daughter and 6 sons. They were from Ga and were on Rolls of 1865

Contributed by Janice Staples