Marion County

Civil War - 39th Illinois Infantry Company F

A note on name spellings and dates: As is frequently the case, variations in name spellings occur. All name variations are listed, with the biographical information being placed after the first alphabetical entry for a particular soldier. Conflicting dates are noted with the source.

Abbott, William* Enlisted as a Sergeant from Sandoval August 12, 1861**_***. Discharged due to disability August 27, 1862**_***

Abbott, William, Jr.**_*** - (see Abbott, William)

Babbit, George* - Enlisted as a Private from Centralia August 6, 1861**_***. Mustered out at expiration of service on September 10, 1864** or October 11, 1864***. In 1889 was living in North Platte, NE**. (Note: Also in Company F was a Joseph Babbitt**/Bobbitt*** from Chicago.)

Babbitt, George M.** - (see Babbit, George)

Bias, John*** - Enlisted as a Private from Centralia August 13, 1861** or August 15, 1861***. Promoted Corporal February 16, 1862**. Re-enlisted January 1, 1864**. Wounded May 20 and August 16, 1864**. Mustered out December 6, 1865 as a Sergeant***.

Bias, John A.** - (see Bias, John)

Bobbitt, George M.*** - (see Babbit, George)

Bras, John* - (see Bias, John)

Bras, John N.*** - (see Bias, John)

Brown, George*_*_*** - Enlisted as a Private from Sandoveal August 15, 1861**_***. Deserted April 18, 1862**. Discharged for disability***.

Comson, Christopher* - Enlisted as a Private from Sandoval August 13, 1861*** or August 16, 1861**. Promoted Corporal*. Promoted Sergeant August 30, 1862**. Re-enlisted as a veteran January 1, 1864***. Promoted Quartermaster Sergeant*_**_***on August 5, 1864** or June 5, 1865**. Discharged December 6, 1865**. In 1889 was living in Coursen's Grove, Kansas**. "Christopher E. Courson was born September 4th, 1847, in Tioga County, New York; was brought up on his father's farm, and lived there until his twenty-first year, when he emigrated to Illinois, and was employed as a farm hand until the outbread of the War, when he enlisted for the three months' service in a company that was orgnanized at Centralia by Captain Probst, but the company failed of acceptance. He then enlisted in Company F, Thirty-Ninth Illinois, for three years. He proved an able and efficient soldier, and participated in all the movements of the regiment, ending the parole of Lee's army at Appomattox. After the War he returned to his old pursuit in Marion County, Ill., but his health failing, he went East, endeavoring to find and occupation better suited to his strenght, but was not successful. In 1867 he married and settled upon a small farm in Pennsylvania, where he remained six years. He removed in 1873 to a homestead in Kansas, and commenced improvements. Soon after making a settlement, a postoffice was established at Courson's Grove, and he had been the postmaster for the past twelve years, but without profit. He states: "I cast my first vote for Uncle Abraham Lincoln and my last for Benjamin F. Butler for President. In religion I am and always have been minus. I realized that I am, with the remaining veterans of the Thirty-Ninth, somewhat a long the down-grade of life, but just how soon I shall reach the bottom I cannot tell; nor can I say with Horace Greeley that "I await the opening before my steps of the gates of the eternal world"; but without fear or anxiety I look forward and await that eternal oblivion which must surely o'ertake us all".**

Courson, Christopher E. **_*** (see Comson, Christopher)

Dwight, P.* - Enlisted as a Corporal*_**_*** from Centralia**_*** August 15, 1861**_***. Promoted Sergeant February 13, 1862**. Re-enlisted January 1, 1864.**_*** Wounded May 20, 1864, in the arm**. Discharged for disability**_*** June 1, 1865** or June 7, 1865*** as First Sergeant*_*** . In 1889 was living in Goodings Grove** (Homer Township, Will County).

Dwight, Preston**_*** - (see Dwight, P.)

Harrison, John*_**_*** - Enlisted as a Private**_*** from Sandoval**_*** on September 6, 1861**_***. Promoted Corporal*. Wounded May 16, 1864 at the Battle of Drewry's Bluff**. Died of wounds July 1, 1864,** at Pt. Lookout, MD*-***.

Hoffman, Adolphus B.*_**_*** - Enlisted as First Sergeant**_*** from Sandoval**_*** August 12, 1861**_***. Promoted Second Lieutenant**_*** on August 1**, 1862, or August 7***, 1862. Promoted Captain*_**_*** on March 30, 1863**_***. Discharged December 30, 1864*_**_***. "Nothing whatever is known concerning the whereabouts of the Capain since he left the service. He was a very capable officer and much respected by his comrades."**

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