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Obituary - Alfred Crane

Alfred Granville CRANE was born January 3, 1860, in Tennessee Prairie, Marion County. He passed away at his home in Salem on Wednesday, January 9, 1935 at 10 A.M., after an illness of several months, aged 75 years and 7 days.

He was the son of John Will and Jeanette RAY CRANE. He married Miss Margaret MAXFIELD on November 4, 1881, and for the past thirty years they have made their home in Salem, rearing their family and five grandchildren.

He is survived by his wife, one son Ora and daughter Ollie, six grand-children, Carter, Granville and Berthel STONECIHIER, Clyde, Margaret and James CRANE, and one great-granddaughter. Three sons, one daughter and three grandchildren passed away some years ago.

In his quiet unassuming way he did many kind and generous things, and his great love for children was one of his outstanding traits, and is a glowing tribute to his name. Always upright and honest, he was a true friend and splendid neighbor, ever ready to lend a helping hand. His warm kindness given so freely and in so many obscure and silent places and the courage with which he seemed always to meet the demands of every day, will stand out in our memory of Mr. CRANE like the lovely coloring that lingers after the sun has gone down.

Mr. CRANE was converted in Centralia in 1884 and joined the M.E. Church, South, as a charter member of the church in Centralia, later moving his membership to Fairview Church, east of Centralia, where he held his membership until death.

The funeral was held at the Salem M.E. Church, South by the pastor, Rev. C. HENLEY assisted by Rev. Monroe SMITH of Patoka, Ill.

Submitted by Misty Flannigan

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