Marion County

Queries Oct - Dec 2001

Submitter: Skip Warren ([email protected])
Date: 03 Oct 2001

Looking for relatives of William Hathaway & his wife Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Robertson (Robinson). In 1900 Wm. Hathaway was a Hotel Landlord in Sandoval, Il. He is shown as a neighbor of John Robertson, Lizzie's father, on the 1900 census for Sandoval. In 1910 Wm. Hathaway was City Marshal of Sandoval. They had a large family: Halvern "Hally", Catherine Louise my gg grandmother (b. 1886), Clare wife of Karl Moody, Fay & Lavon. Catherine Louise married James E. Burke, a railroad man ca. 1907 and had my grandfather William Edward Burke born Sept. 1908. James E. Burke was born in Portsmouth, Ohio in 1884. Don't know what ever happened to Jasmes Burke as Catherine later remarried to James Ernest Richard (b. Sandoval 1885) son of Joseph Franklin Richard and Mariann Susan Smith. If you are related or have some information on these families I would like to talk to you. Thanks, Skip Warren

Submitter: Laurie Curtis ([email protected])
Date: 03 Oct 2001

Looking for information on an ALLEN family passed through Marion County in mid/late 1800's on their way to California. Specifics: Morgan Allen and his wife Kezia Lain left Luzerne Co, PA in late 1850's with their children. Morgan/Kezia ended up in Palmyra WI and at least one son are buried there. They may or may not have lived in Illinois. One son, James VanLoon Allen married a Mary TAYLOR in Centralia in about 1872. Their son William Edwin ALLEN was born in Centralia in 1876 and married Ona Bragg in Roseville IL in 1902. Both James and his son William moved to Long Beach, CA, where James died about 1910. I am looking for anyone with interest/ information/ connected to this family.

Submitter: Donna Butt ([email protected])
Date: 05 Oct 2001

I am looking for any relatives or information on the Bude family or Michael family from Centralia, IL

Submitter: richard pugh ([email protected])
Date: 05 Oct 2001

i am looking for the surname PUGH (John L. Pugh (wife Della from the Patoka area. Also I am looking for information on the DELASSUS Family buried in Patoka Cemetery. I would appreciate any information possible. 

Surnames: RAPP
Submitter: Charles G. Rapp ([email protected])
Date: 05 Oct 2001

Looking for info on Charles W. Rapp, born Feb. 22,1893, Alma, Ill.

Surnames: KELL, A.P. CUNNINGHAM, R. A.
Submitter: Kaye Ellis Johanson ([email protected])
Date: 06 Oct 2001

Can anyone assist me in finding information on Dr. Alexander Porter Kell (A.P.)and his wife Rosalie Ann Cunningham ? They were married Sept. 29, 1873. Theses are my great-grandparents. Thank-you for your assistance. Sincerely, Kaye J.

Surnames: CRAIG
Submitter: mary phillips ([email protected])
Date: 15 Oct 2001

Searching for gravesite of George Albert Craig, born August 17, 1837; died September 2, 1873; in Centralia, Illinois.

Submitter: Lanita Sconce Miller ([email protected])
Date: 17 Oct 2001

Looking for any information on THOMAS RIMMER who married Mrs. Mary C. DOUGHTRY on Mar. 21, 1877 in Marion Co., IL. Would also like the 1880 Marion Co., Illinois Census for same family... looking for needle in haystack here!! Looking for any connections and descendants as well. I have an ancestor who was Mary P. RIMMER, who was adopted out as a toddler or small child. Looking for her birth parents! She was born 1868-1870 in Illinois. Any help is so appreciated! Lanita

Surnames: JEZEK
Submitter: robert lukas ([email protected])
Date: 17 Oct 2001

Am looking for records for JEZEK family who resided in Kinmundy in 1890's to 1900. Interested in names of family, particulary BARBORA JEZEK. Any land purchases, addresses, dates of events, schools attended etc. Other possible names are VINCENT JEZEK & KAREL (CHARLES) JEZEK.Thank you.

Submitter: Michael Hickman ([email protected])
Date: 20 Oct 2001

Looking for information on my great-grandparents, Warren and Clara Perry of Centralia. Warren was a railroad employee and active in the Masonic Lodge. Their daughter, Susan, was my grandmother.

Submitter: John D. Prather ([email protected];New Earthlink Subscriber)
Date: 20 Oct 2001

I am researching the following families. PERRY,SILVEY,BRIM,ROGERS,HALL,PRATHER,SHANNAFELT, Phillips. most are buried in Evergreen and Phillips cemeteries, some in Iuka.

Submitter: Jeri Bowman ([email protected])
Date: 21 Oct 2001

My father and grandparents all lived in Patoka,Ill and Centrailia,Ill. Jerry Hudspeth grandparents lee Hudspeth 1896-1976 Mary Francis Cain/Hudspeth 1895-1966 any info would be great.

Submitter: Sandy Sigmund (SandyKSigmund)
Date: 22 Oct 2001

Any info on Wildcat Lake, Mound Chapel Church, a school that was in that area,Pope or Patoka Townships.Any records that might be available. I'm needing information on these families: Harrin/Herrin,Epping,Schlueter.need any early 1900's or 1800's information.They were from that area where Fayette,Clinton & Marion Co. all come together.Thomas Harrin spouse possibly Mary(Parks or Pearce)any children other than John. John m. Dorothea Schlueter. Children Floyd,Alva,Walter & Blanche Herrin.Name was spelled Harrin before Herrin.

Surnames: John Mitchell DAVIDSON, John Abraham DAVIDSON, Mary DAVIDSON, Levi DAVIDSON, Robert DAVIDSON, Maryetta [Marieta]
Submitter: Virginia Davidson Koesters ([email protected])
Date: 25 Oct 2001

John Abraham Davidson was born June13,1858 in Salem ,ILL. Parents were John Mitchell Davidson &Mary. Three other children were Levi, Robert, Marietta. I have no information on them. I am searching for all the information I can find,the mother and three children are lost THANK you. Virginia Davidson Koesters all the Information I can Find

Submitter: Betty L. Gantt ([email protected])
Date: 28 Oct 2001

Searching for Martha AUSTEN w/o John D. AUSTEN. She was born 3 Feb 1821 and died 21 Aug 1845. Also infant dau Martha Alice AUSTEN b. 19 Aug 1845, d. 19 Dec 1845. Were residents of Iuka twp, Marion Co. from 1841 - 1846. Does anyone have access to this information? Thank you. Betty L. Gantt, Fort Wayne, Ind. [email protected]
Submitter: Jack Hill ([email protected])
Date: 29 Oct 2001

Looking for information on John Hill. B in NC 1797. D. Il 1868. Married Sarah Ann Deadmond.

Surnames: LEWIS
Submitter: anne miller ([email protected])
Date: 31 Oct 2001

I am looking for the surname LEWIS--Edgar and Clint

Submitter: Marilyn SENN ([email protected])
Date: 31 Oct 2001

My ggf and ggm, Wilhelm and Caroline ZACHARIAS MUELLER came to IL, near Farina in 1872. They came from Siegen, Westfalen, Purssia, where his father was Johann Englebert MUELLER. I believe they came to IL because of some MUELLER relatives there. (In Prussia the name was spelled Muller with an umlaut over the U.) They moved to ND where my gm, a daughter named Maria married Louis MISCHE. Recently I came in possession of an old photo album with several pictures from Eclipse Studio in Kinmundy, IL and some from Lynder Studio in Monee, IL. They look about 1890 to 1900 vintage. Are there still some Mueller relatives in IL, and if so, perhaps I could email/scan the pictures to them for ID.

Surnames: NOBLES
Submitter: Jerry Leggett ([email protected])
Date: 06 Nov 2001

NOBLES,J possible Jake, A - Died around 94-95,wife"s name Imogene who since has died. A February 4 phone bill shows a 618-993-6420

Surnames: MCDONALD
Submitter: Carla Barrett ([email protected])
Date: 06 Nov 2001

Any information on The McDonald family that was in the Centraila area in 1898 would be appreciated.My grandfather was born in 1898 John Gilbert McDonald.His father was John G McDonald I know that John G. is buried in the Zion Hill cemetary in Centraila but I dont know who my great grandmother was or were they came from. Carla Barrett
Submitter: Tony Kaney ([email protected])
Date: 07 Nov 2001

I seek information on the family of John and Barbara (Huffmann) FEIGENBUTZ. They lived in Centralia in the last 3 decades of the 19th century. In the census for 1870 they are listed with 2 children: August and Caroline EGGER, ages 15 and 10. Were these children adopted? What is their relationship to their parents?

Submitter: Mary Bryant Park ([email protected])
Date: 11 Nov 2001

BRYANT -- looking for parents of James T. BRIANT, d. 1850, Wayne County, buried in Campbell or Neff Cemetery, north of Geff. His wife is Rachael ALDERSON BRIANT, died after 1860. Want to correspond with descendants of their children: William Gleason BRYANT (my ancestor, m. Nancy Adamson in TN), John, James S. (m. Lucinda Shelton) , Barzil (Burzilla) m. 1st Mahulda Shelton, ,Harriet (m. lst Sander POOLE, 2nd, John Sinclair), Margaret (m. Lewis B. SHARP), Augustain B. (m. 1st Malissa Ann Easley), Paralee Adeline (m. Elden Shelton), St. Clair (m. Matilda Dusky), most born in Illlinois, but first two or three b. in TN or VA. I know there must be people out there who know or are grandchildren, etc., of these Bryants. Please contact me. Cousin Mary in OK

Surnames: BUSH LONG
Submitter: Jim Kay ([email protected])
Date: 12 Nov 2001

I am requesting any information you may have on John W. Bush b. Feb. 15,1845 or Nancy Jane Long (Bush) b. Aug. 10,1848. They were married on Aug. 10, 1848.

Submitter: jinny ([email protected])
Date: 17 Nov 2001

I am searching for information on a great uncle--HAROLD CURRIER who we think died in Marion, County in 1968. I found this info from the Social Security death Index. We have been looking for Harold for many years. Harold was a musician who left home to pursue he love of music as his father was totally against this profession and Harold felt he had to leave. he left at home a wife and 2 children, a boy, Harold, Jr. and a daughter Madelyn who married a sailor either right before the end of WWII or right after. Harold's father was Stephen Cilley Currier, Jr. and Mary Eliza Evans from Everett, Massachusetts. Harold was born June 21, 1891 in Everett, Massachusetts.Harold obtained his Social Security card in California before 1951. Harold had a brother, Allen Dale Currier, an artist who also delayed his career in art till later in life. Allen was my grandfather. Allen died in 1976 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Hoping someone out there in Marion County will recognize the name and my story. This has been a family mystery we would love to solve. Thank you in advance. jinny

Submitter: Elise Byrd ([email protected])
Date: 17 Nov 2001

I am researching my great grandfather Jefferson Franklin SMITH who was born in 1868 [place of birth unknown] and died in Patoka, Ill in 1944. He and his wife Ora Etta Nichols Smith are buried in Sandy Branch Cemetary. His daughter Leta Margaret Smith Beery is my grandmother. Her 2 older brothers were named Claude and Russell Smith. I believe that Jefferson Smith may have had a brother named John. Any info greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Jinny ([email protected])
Date: 19 Nov 2001

I'm searching for any information on a Harold Currier who died in Salem, ILL. September, 1968. Harold was born in Everett, Ma. June 21, 1981, the first son of Stephen Cilley Currier, Jr. and mary Eliza Evans. Harold was a musician. Thank, Jinny

Surnames: CURRIER
Submitter: Jinny ([email protected])
Date: 27 Nov 2001

I am Searching for my great Uncle HAROLD CURRIER. Harold Currier was born in Everret, Massachusetts, June 21, 1891. He was very musical. He was married to ADA---- and they had 2 children, Madelyn Currier, named after my mother and Harold Currier, who died in the 1940s from complications of Rheumatic Fever he had had as a child. My great uncle left his family to pursue a musical career and we never heard from him again. Searching the Social Security Index I found a Harold Currier died in Salem, ILL, Sept. 1968. Hoping someone might recognize my story. Thank you, Jinny

Surnames: EYRE, SAMUEL
Submitter: Mary M. Dains ([email protected])
Date: 29 Nov 2001

I seek an obituary for SAMUEL EYRE died 05 February 1915 at his home in Salem, IL.

Submitter: Linda Moore ([email protected])
Date: 09 Dec 2001

Researching the SOLLIS family. Susanna Sollis who married Theodore Miller on 3-19-1883 in Marion County, IL.

Surnames: ESKEW
Submitter: ROBERT BEAL ([email protected])
Date: 19 Dec 2001

I'm looking for William Pressly ESKEW. He was my grandfather. He died in 1970 and lived at 1224 S. Walnut Street in Centralia.

Surnames: WASHBURN
Submitter: MJR ([email protected])
Date: 23 Dec 2001

Looking for information on former Mayor & Attorney Robert Washburn of Centralia, Illinois.

Submitter: Linda Christian ([email protected])
Date: 25 Dec 2001

Seeking any information re. Alfred F. Christian, b. 1878 in Haines Township,Marion County, Illinois. He was the son of John VanBuren Christian and Amanda Skillern. Probably died as a child.

Submitter: Joe and Sharon McElroy ([email protected])
Date: 26 Dec 2001

Can anyone tell me where in Marion County the Robertson or Robinson Cemetery is listed? It may be Iuka????????? Thank You. Joe

Submitter: kb ([email protected])
Date: 26 Dec 2001

Looking for info on William BLURTON, married Lucy Ann POOL, 1841 in Marion County, Illinois. The family later moved to Kansas. Children include Martha Jane, Mary Elizbeth, Ann , Cornelia, George, Bryant.

Submitter: Martha Williams ([email protected])
Date: 27 Dec 2001

I would like information Myrtle Smalling B.1878 in Marion IL.and married Richard Yatez Shook. Also would like information on Myrtle Shook Son Kenneth Shook.

Submitter: John D. Prather ([email protected])
Date: 27 Dec 2001

I am researching Marion Co. I descend from John Wilson Prather b. 7/10/1849 wayne Co. Tn. d.1/1930 Harvey, Cook, Il. Thru his 2nd wife Sarah Babbs who is buried in Evergreen Cem. Kinmundy, Il. PRATHER-PERRY-PHILLIPS-BRIM-HALL-SHANAFELT I would like to contact Matthew Sylvie of Salem, Il.

Submitter: Jeanne Reynolds ([email protected])
Date: 31 Dec 2001

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