Marion County

Queries Mar - Apr 2003

Submitter: Judy Dukes ([email protected])
Date: 02 Mar 2003

I am looking for the grave of Mary Ann Carpenter, daughter of Henry Dukes and Eliza Ann Rogers. She is most likely buried in the Burton/Swisher cemetery. Also of Nancy Ann Duke who died in May of 1857. Judy Dukes

Submitter: Myra Best Christeck ([email protected])
Date: 03 Mar 2003

I am looking for any information on the Rippy family. I believe that they all came from Tennessee and settled in either Odin or Sandoval in Marion County. I am particularly interested in the parents of Charles Edward Rippy who married Ruby Leota Phillips. Additionally, can anyone tell me if these four people are buried in Odin? Charles Edward Rippy, d. Feb. 1985 Ruby [Phillips] Rippy, d. Sept. 1984 Sylvia [Rippy] Pansing, d. 1980 and her infant daughter, Mary Jo Charles, d. 1942. Thanks so much for any respone. Myra

Submitter: sheila hiland ([email protected])
Date: 05 Mar 2003

i am asking about a minnie scrutchfield she was born November 12, 1884. i think her father was james scrutchfield but i'm not sure, she married abraham randall jan. 1, 1901 in clay county illinois. i just need to find out who her parents were. please help me if you can

Surnames: REYER
Submitter: Jayme Berry ([email protected])
Date: 09 Mar 2003

Absolum and Emaline REYER moved to Marion County, Sandoval township, sometime between 1860, when they were in Mississippi, and 1868, when they were in Arkansas. Land records show a purchase of land in Marion County in 1865. Family legend tells that they had a drugstore there. I don't know how to research this - or how to find out more about their time in Illinois. Any ideas?

Submitter: Tim Lowrey ([email protected])
Date: 12 Mar 2003

Looking for any information on the family of Irvin R. WIDDIS, who was born in 1876. Widdis was living in Kinmundy Twp., Marion Co., Illinois by the 1920 with wife Charlotte (DIXON), and four children: Grace, Dorothy, Richard, & Ernest. Family later moved to Los Angeles, California. By 1930 census, Irvin was a widower. He died in California in 1959. Anyone able to help me find out more about the family's time in Marion County? Tim

Submitter: Cherie Leffler ([email protected])
Date: 17 Mar 2003

Samuel Leffler was born in Walnut Hills,Illiois on November 6, 1853. His parents are Blackburn and Isabella Agnes (Silliman)Leffler. Blackburn was a Presbyterian minister. Any information regarding this family will be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Pat O'Sullivan Corona ([email protected])
Date: 18 Mar 2003

Thomas J. Tate, wife Mary D.(Hawkins), & dau. Janey P. are listed on the 1930 U.S.Census, Haines Twnshp.Kell Village, Marion Co.IL. Does anyone know where they are buried? Ralph Rollinson & wife Eula, are also listed on 1930 U.S. Census, Haines Twnshp.Kell Village, Marion Co. IL. Does anyone know where they are buried? Thank you for any info. Pat O'Sullivan Corona

Submitter: CHARLES ROGERS ([email protected],net)
Date: 18 Mar 2003

We are looking for information on John Morrison i.e. wife's death certificate, Hubert Morrison, son of John and Elizabeth J. (Wham)Morrison bith record and prior knowledge of Catherine Morrison Sanders and Barbara Morrison living with another family when Cathering was 3 and Barbara was 1. We think Catherine was born in Pennsylvania. Barbara was born in Illinois. When families immigrated to this country, were they included in the census? We think the marriage to Elizabeth was his second marriage. In the 1860 census, Hubert was 2 years old and John was widowed. We cannot find any info on death certificate.

Submitter: Mike Farrell ([email protected])
Date: 19 Mar 2003

Searching for Berry and Fannie Belcher family. Berry had two brothers John and William. John married Amelia Ellen Wisher. Would like to know Berry's parents. Fannie Belcher's parents are John S. Belcher and Sarah Williamson. Visit my family info. at database 004571

Surnames: VAUGHN
Submitter: Candie (Vaughn) Rogers ([email protected])
Date: 20 Mar 2003

I am looking for any information you might have on the parents of Cyrus VAUGHN. Cyrus was born Oct. 12, 1818 in Sevier Co. TN and died Jan. 16, 1892 in Marion Co. IL . He is buried at Campground Cemetery ,Xenia, Clay Co. IL. He married Permelia Holliday Mar. 29, 1866 in Marion Co. IL. They had four children Joseph Cyrus, Benjamin F., Maria E. and Susan Virginia. Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: JENKINS
Submitter: Jean ([email protected])
Date: 22 Mar 2003

David Jenkins and family appear in the Marion County 1860 census. Would anyone know what happened to this family? Jean

Surnames: JENKINS
Submitter: Barbara ([email protected])
Date: 27 Mar 2003

David Jenkins appears in the 1860, Sandoval, Marion County census. Would anyone know what happened to this family? Children listed were Mattie 7, Mary B. 4, Eliza 2 and S. B. 2 months (male). Barbara

Submitter: Linda Yandell Sauer ([email protected])
Date: 27 Mar 2003

Seeking information on James Henderson Yandell, born 02 JUL 1815, shown on 1860 and 1870 census in Marion Co IL. Need date and place of death. Married Leanna C. Jones

Submitter: robert lange ([email protected])
Date: 29 Mar 2003

I'm looking for infomation on my grandparents, Amanda McWhorter Williams (wife of Ben) and any other McWhorters living in the Alma area circa 1900. My mother, Irene Williams Lange was born in Alma in 1911, but I'm trying to trace back to my maternal greatgrandmother and beyond and their Scottish roots.

Submitter: Linda Thomas Alderson ([email protected])
Date: 02 Apr 2003

Researching the Ward Smith Thomas families. all his sons, wifes and father. Beleive he came from Orleans Co., NY. Please contact me if you know any information on this family. Linda Thomas Alderson

Submitter: Phyllis Pennella ([email protected])
Date: 05 Apr 2003

I am looking for the burial site of George W HALL who, at the age of 75, was living in Wamac, Marion County, Centralia Township according to the 1930 census. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Phyllis Pennella

Submitter: Marjorie Devore ([email protected])
Date: 11 Apr 2003

Searching for Joseph McClure who might have been in Marion Co about 1880's to 1900. He married Sarah Moss, possibly called Sally. marriage may have been in Ky. thanks so much, any help appreciated. [email protected]

Submitter: Mary Janssen ([email protected])
Date: 12 Apr 2003

Looking for descendants of my PRILL - HEFTON family of Marion County, IL. Husband: MILES VACHEL HELFTON born Feb.1858, possibly in Fayette Co., IL. Farmer. Died: 1932 in Marion County, IL Wife: LENA PRILL born Dec 28, 1862, Carson City, Nevada. Died: 1948 in Marion or Effingham Co., IL (She was the daughter of Louis PRILL and Ida BARR, who were born in Germany. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, William and Lena KASCH of Fayette County, IL.) MILES HEFTON and LENA PRILL were married September 13, 1881 in Fayette County, IL Children: 1. Clara HEFTON born June 1882. 2. Ethel M. HEFTON, born Aug 1884 in Marion County. 3. Nellie HEFTON, born Nov 1887 in Marion County. 4. Walter C. HEFTON, born 1990 at Vernon, Marion County. died: Jan 21, 1902 at Alma, Marion County. 5. Maggie A. HEFTON, born May 1894. 6. Lucille A. HEFTON, born August 1897 in Marion County. Miles and Lena HEFTON are buried in Alma. I do not know who their daughters married. Would like to hear from anyone having information on the HEFTON daughters?

Submitter: Marcia J. Boynton ([email protected])
Date: 16 Apr 2003

BOYNTON GGRANDCHILDREN FROM SALEM AREA I am the ggranddaughter of John Baptiste Boynton and Eliza Heplar Copenhaver who homesteaded at Bannister east of Salem in about 1857. The farm was operated through thru about 1930 by their son, John Ellis Boynton, and his wife Dorothy Jane Brooks (nee Stokes).(My grandparents) I am looking for photos, letters, family info that may be in the hands of other ggrandchildren of John Ellis BOYNTON's siblings (FRANK A b. 4-18-1861 d.3-10-1927; ELMER E. b. 2-14-1863 d.2-21-1916; LUCY L b. 3-17-1865 d. 12-8-1905; LOREN KENT (lived in Ruleville, MS)b. 8-16-1867 d.11-1-1932 DELMONT LOCKE b. 3-26-1871 d.4-13-1939. A final sib, IDA BEATRICE b. 2-4-1873 d. 8-16-1934 died unmarried. Email anytime at [email protected] Thanks. MJB

Submitter: Davina Campbell ([email protected])
Date: 16 Apr 2003

I'm looking for info. on Edgar Knight born in Roaring Springs (Trigg Co.)KY. He moved to Centralia (Marion Co.) sometime after 1900. He was born in 1851 and married to Hattie Jane Dunning.

Submitter: Patricia Staley ([email protected])
Date: 17 Apr 2003

William Thomas Bagwell died 13 Feb 1920 Centralia, Marion Co. Ill. Could someone PLEASE check his death certificate for his parents names?? Any info. or help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

Submitter: Deborah Haskett ([email protected])
Date: 19 Apr 2003

Looking for descendents of Abram Peters and Arthusa Kennedy. Arthusa b Garrard Co. KY c 1820, daughter of Samuel Kennedy and Rebecca Pickleshimer, married in Marion Co. IL 5/11/1856. Have info on Arthusa's siblings and many descendents

Submitter: Steve Vesely ([email protected])
Date: 20 Apr 2003

I am trying to date a piece of currency or scrip that I have. It is a five cent note good in merchandise at the store of J.W. HARRISON of the George E. DANIELS & CO. The note was good at his stores in Iuka and Orchardville, Illinois. Any information would be greatly appreciated, especially a date range for this business. I can answer most questions about coins as a return favor. Steve

Surnames: COX
Submitter: Lillian Cox Wheatley ([email protected])
Date: 25 Apr 2003
URL: Unknown

Searching for information on my ggrandparents: Isaac and Mary Cox, Centralia, IL. Perhaps lived in Clinton Co. IL.

Surnames: MARTIN
Submitter: Sue Wilson ([email protected])
Date: 25 Apr 2003

I am lookin for information on a line of Martin's, that were in the Centralia area of Marion County, by 1870. The information I have is that a Reuben Martin, was married in Centralia, Illinois, to an unknown person, in Oct of 1870. Reuben, I believe was born in Tennesse around 1841. I know that he had a daughter, who was born in Centralia in 1872. Her name was Hattie Nancy. And then sometime between 1872 and 1897, Hattie came to Kansas, with her father. But I nothing else about this family. And help or information would be most helpful.

Submitter: Jean ([email protected])
Date: 29 Apr 2003

John Calvin Linder-b 12/4/1859 d 8/25/1941 Eunice Jane Whitlock b 7/22/1858 My gGrandfather John Calvin Linder I am told was listed in the 1880 Marion Co, Haines, IL 55d Census. Most of his life was spent in Woodlawn, IL. He was the son of James Linder & Malinda Edwards, married Eunice Jane Whitlock and had five children. I am attempting to find what he did during the period of his life he spent in Marion CO. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I assume this is where he met Eunice. I did find where they posted a bond to marry in Jefferson CO but never found when the marriage took place or a copy of the marriage certificate.

Surnames: BRUBAKER
Submitter: Troy Cannon ([email protected])
Date: 30 Apr 2003

Looking for history of Brubaker School, a one-room schoolhouse located 5 miles east of Salem on Rt. 50. Specifically, legend has it that a teacher was raped and possibly killed by escaped or freed slaves. The perpetrators were then hung by local residents, and buried on property I now own. I have since located a headstone which is badly deteriorated, but the name "Rachel" is legible. Can anyone shed any light on this subject? Was Rachel the school teacher? Thanks.

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