Marion County


Haines School circa 1890

Front Row: 1-Roy Brasel; 2-Walter Gain; 3-Fred Wham; 4-Chance Blackburn; 5-Percy Gaston; 6-Lew Easley; 7-? Keele; 8-bob Easley; 9-Sammy Keele; 10-Maggie Hammond (Gaston); 11-Bessie Brasel (Vursell); 12-Ivy Easley

Second Row: 13-Emory Easley; 14-Ephraim Farrier; 15-Lex Wham; 16-Prel Gaston; 17- ?????; 18-Edgar Wham; 19-Effie Gains; 20-Roscoe Brasel; 21-Eva Easley

Third Row: 22-??????; 23-Rufus Alsup; 24-Orville Gaston; 25-???????; 26-Eunice Wham (Maulding); 27-Ida Kell (Farthing); 28-Grace Gain (Fullerton); 29-Anna Wham; 30-Winnie Thorn

Back Row: 31-Kelly Wham; 32-Omer Gain; 33-Theodore Hammond; 34-Phebe Wham (Gaston); 36-??????; 37-Lena Hammond (Gaston); 38-Nan Gaston (Ingram); 39-Guy Thorn

40-Pete William Hill, Teacher

Contributed by Richard Wham

Blackburn School 1895

G. M. Troutman, Teacher

Kinmundy School 1907

Grade 5

Contributed by Ron Walker

Brown School

Brown School 1911

Brown School in 1911 was submitted by Flossie Wilkinson of Kinmundy.

First row: Freda Smith, Blanch Odell, Lillian Smith, Pearl Mulvany.

Second row: Lonnie Mulvaney, Mabel Hanks, Alva Mulvany, Olin Mulvany, Otto Mulvany, Otis Smith, Lester Smith, Vernie Odell, Otis Brown.

Third row: Bennie Krutsinger, Gale Boston, Raymon Smith, Burel Huddlestun, Earl Huddlestun, Lela Crutchfield, Blanch Mulvany, Grace Boston, Leona Odell, Florence Odell, Bertha Smith.

Fourth row: Gerald Boston, Reba Krutsinger, Freddie Mulvany, Floy Bradford, Warren Smith, Cecil English, Fern Boston, Elsie Odell, Ota Smith, Ruth Smith, Ethel Krutsinger and Verna Smith.

Fifth row: Mort Green, teacher, Georgia Jones, Ruby Mulvaney, Arvie Mulvany, Fossie Brown, Mabel Brown, Gladys Mulvany, Blanch English, Cora English, Myrtle Krutsinger, Susie Smith.

Young School 1914

Contributed by Betty Bundy Pick

First row, left to right: Ellen McIntosh, Lucille Tate, Lettie Young, Lola Shanafelt, Grace Waters, Lillian Shanafelt, Flo Chitwood, and Louis Waters.

Second row: Herman Chitwood, Erma Hedrick, Ola Shanafelt, Orville Friedrich, Scottle Young, Gladys Waters, Leroy Friedrich, Mildred Farthing, Louise Shanafelt, Gladys Farthing, Hazel Young, Tracy Davis, Lyle Hedrick, Merle Waters, and Paul Chitwood.

Row three: Charlie Friedrich, Billy Gouth, Raymond Shanafelt, Shirley Shanafelt, Vivian Hedrick, Estel Shanafelt, Carrol Hedrick, Gussie Shanafelt, David Young and Goldie (Richardson) Johnson, Teacher (who provided the picture and the information).

Row four: Oveta Collie, Edna Shanafelt, Maggie Ray, Ida Shanafelt, Fred Shanafelt, Noah Shanafelt and Ola Farthing.

When this class picture was taken, Oct. 2, 1914, of the one room Young School, it was located on a corner one mile west of the present Young's Chapel and one mile north of the new Young Consolidated School. Within a few years, the school burned and a new one had to be built; it was used until the consolidation of 1941 with Raymond Richardson as Principal. The old school house was then sold to Love School District. The site is now covered with oil wells. The school is named for Marion County's first family, the Youngs, who settled here in the 1820's on a farm that was to provide very generously for their descendants over a century later.

Brown School 1915


Teacher of Brown School, 1919, Gerald Boston on right who was the great uncle of Steve Courson

Excelsior School in Salem

Oscie Alma Knight was born 30 Jun 1895 in Salem, Illinois, daughter of James Buchanan "Buck" and Aletta "Allie" "Alice" (Burns) Knight. She married 30 Jun 1919 in Methodist Church, Salem, Marion County, Illinois. Her death occurred 14 Aug 1973 in Franklin Hospital, Buckner, Illinois. Oscie was buried 18 August 1973 at East Lawn Cemetery, Salem, Illinois, Line M, Section O, Lot 18.

Contributed by Karen Murphy, granddaughter of Oscie

Salem School

The girl marked with the "x" is Oscie Alma Knight.

Contributed by Karen Murphy

Salem Teachers

Back Row:
Ruth Rohobough
Ethel Pathel
Mrs. Storment

Front Row:
Elizabeth McMackin
Myrtle Hull (with glasses)
Helen Fitzgerald

Contributed by Karen Murphy

Back Row:
Lerah M. Spencer
Mary Edna Burns, principal
Ethel Farthing

Front Row:
Mary Jack
Louise James
Florence Jack

Contributed by Karen Murphy

Patoka School 1920

Grades 1-12

Contributed by Jennifer

Huff School 1922-23

Here is the first in a series of old school photographs which readers have supplied in response to a request by the Times Commoner. It is of students at Huff School, in Stevenson township 19220-23, and was furnished by Lenard Daniels.

1st row: Paul Bryant, Eugene Bookhour, Elmer Cripps, Robert Baker, Lucien Vursell, Max Drasel, Jesse VanGilder, George Bookhour, Cecil Bookhour, George VanGilder.

2nd row: Harry Branson, Richard Gaston, Elle Branson, Velma VanGilder, Sarah Cripps, Viola Branson, Myrtle Cripps, Jesse Anderson, Lenard Daniels, Floyd Daniels, Loren Bookhour.

3rd row: Lewis Anderson, Ray Baker, Claude Baker, Ethel Kell (Williams), teacher, Alice Vursell, Lulu Albert, Naomi Blough, Raymond Albert, Paul Vursell, Loren Baker.

Patoka School 1923

Grades 7 and 8

Back Row, Left to Right: Don Walker, Frank Huston, Paul Logan, Maurice Eagan, Loren Eagan, Maurice Adams, Leo Balance, Dayne Walker, Glen Walker.

Center Row: Thelma Pugh, Margaret Balance, Josephine Hawkins, Ellen Mulvaney, Beulah Rosman, Flossie Blecher, Mae Varner, Harriet Quayle, Nina Walker.

Front Row: Edgar Irvin, Paul Dean Outhouse, Bonnell Ford, William Spurgeon, Jonson, Roy Seats, Charles Belcher, Luther Balance, Junion Walker, Neil Moore.

Teacher: Homer Potts

Contributed by Jennifer

Central High - 9th Grade

1. Thelma McConnell
2. Paul Squibb
3. Paul Chance
4. Maurice Mertin
5. Guy Jeffers
6. Bernice Reed
7. Louise Whitlock
8. Frances Misinheimer
9. June Davidson
10. Mildred Black
11. Gladys Merz
12. Jane Martin
13. Valdemar Frye
14. Elmer Salter
15. Lyle Bollinger
16. Hugh Black
17. Robert Porter
18. Linnie Austin
19. Anna Risos
20. Dorothy Charlton
21. Dorothy Reeder
22. Ruth Eddings
23. Inez Knight
24. Leslie Barnhill

Karen's relative in this photo is Inez "Ike" Naomi Knight, pictured in the top row, second from the left, next to the black girl.

About Inez - Inez Naomi Knight was born 07 Oct 1902 in Salem, Illinois. She became a stenographer at Acme Fast Freight & Express, Detroit. Inez died 31 Dec 1983 in Westland, Wayne County, Michigan, and was buried 03 Jan 1984 in Acacia Park Cemetery, Beverly Hills, Michigan.

Contributed by Karen Murphy

Odin High School 1928

Top Row: Roger Bartlett, Mildred E. Cruse, Joseph R. Free, Marian Reed, Franklin Buchanan

2nd row: Herschel Arrowsmith, Dorothy Prahl, Marguertte Henderson, Velven A. Meredith

3rd row: Crawford Hawley, Stella Hoskinson, Glen F. Jackson, Richard Hoskinson, Irma Lowdermilk

4th row: Geneva Friend, Leo Deadmond

Bottom Row: B. F. Gum - supt., Margaret West, Ruby Meredith, E. H. Runkwitz

Odin High School Basketball Team 1928

Herschel Arrowsmith (Brad Arrowsmith's grandfather) is the third player from the right.

Wamac or Richview School

My aunt says this is either Wamac school or Richview school. It was the only year all three kids went to school together. In identical black sweaters, pictured in the bottom two rows are Fred Frazier, Leroy Frazier and Alberta Frazier.

Contributed by Janice Staples

Wamac School

First Row, Left to Right: Richard Whitney, Kenneth Shumbeski, Kenneth Conley, John Murray, Robert Hake, George Staneseper, Sandy Morse, Richard Richman, Miss Hemminhouse

Second Row, Left to Right: Dorthy Karly, Evelyn Simer (Williams)(my mom), Marie Simer (my cousin), Phylis Pitchford, Wilmalema Atchson, Delores Armstrong, Wanta Hamptom, Pearlie Simer (Claypool still lives in Centralia)(my aunt)

Sandoval High School 1934

Contributed by Jennifer

Franklin School 1949

8th Grade

Norma (Bundy) Phillips Turner is in the second row, 5th from the left.
Barbara Smith is 2nd girl from right in first row.
George V. Morris is 3rd boy from left in back row.
Howard Bundy, second row at the end: teacher/principal.