Marion County


There are many small graveyards scattered throughout Marion County. This is only a partial listing.

Allman aka Boring in Tonti township S of Allman on Rt 37, on curve before turning straight south, cemetery straight again (USGS map)
Alma in Alma township SW edge of Alma
Andereck-McClelland in Sandoval-Odin township SW Lake Centralia, on 800E (USGS map)
Antioch in Raccoon township

Barrall aka Myers in Romine township
Bee Branch in Omega township
Bell in Haines township
Bell in Iuka township
Bethlehem in Salem township
Black (8 burials) in Tonti township
Blankenship (3 burials) in Romine township
Bonnell Family Farm in Patoka
Boring aka Allman in Tonti township
Branch aka Pleasant Grove in Raccoon township
Brasel (2 burials) in Haines township
Brown aka Gain or McGuire or Jameson in Iuka township
Bryant aka Fields or Weems in Romine township
Bryant (4 burials) in Salem township
Bundy in Sandoval-Odin township
Burge in Raccoon township
Burroughs in Romine township
Burton aka Kestner or Wisher in Carrigan township
Byars in Haines township

Caldwell in Foster township
Calvary in Centralia township
Carrigan in Carrigan township
Carlyle in township Centralia
Carrigan aka Fairman or Phelps or Steele in Carrigan township
Central City aka Mount Evergreen in Centralia township
Centralia in township Centralia
Christian Home in Romine township
Clack aka Siloam in Omega township
Cockrell in Meacham township
Conant aka Frizzel or Peacock in Foster township
Cope aka Middleton in Iuka township
Copelin in Iuka township
Copple in Centralia township
County Line see Zion Grove in Raccoon township
Courson in Meacham township
Covenanter in Raccoon township
Cruise in Patoka township
Cubbage Chapel in Tonti township
Cummins in Salem township

Davidson (4 burials) in Tonti township
Deadmond in Sandoval-Odin township
Dickens in Tonti township
Donoho Prairie in Romine township
Doolen in Foster township
Doolen aka North Fork in Foster township
Dunkard aka Romine Brethren in Stevenson township

Eagan aka Eagan or Lynch or Storment or Tripp in Tonti township
East Lawn in Salem township
Eastland in Kinmundy township
Elder in Meacham township North Meachum Rd., Kinmunday
Elmwood in Centralia township
England in Raccoon township
Ennis in Sandoval-Odin township
Evergreen aka Kinmundy in Kinmundy township

Fairman aka Carrigan or Phelps or Steele in Carrigan township
Fields aka Bryant or Weems in Romine township
Foster (1 burial) in Foster township
Fredonia in Tonti township
Frizzel aka Conant or Peacock in Foster township
Frost aka Lewis in Carrigan township
Fulton in Haines township
Fyke in Raccoon township

Gain aka Brown or McGuire or Jameson in Iuka township
Gainsville in Centralia township
Grand Point in township Patoka
Gray in Kinmundy township

Hadden in Omega township
Haines (2 burials) in Haines township
Hall aka Stonecipher in Haines township
Harmon in Romine township
Harrison in Carrigan township
Hartlin in Tonti township
Harvey Grey in township Kinmundy
Harvey's Point in Haines township
Hatch in Patoka township
Henneman in Omega township
Hickory Hill in Romine township
Hillcrest Memorial Park in Sandoval-Odin township 2500 Old Route 51, Centralia
Holt in Foster township
Holt aka Protz in Patoka township

I.O.O.F. in
Iuka in Iuka township

Jameson aka Brown or McGuire or Gain in Iuka township
Jones in Foster township
Jones in Kinmundy township

Kamp in Stevenson township
Kell in Stevenson township
Kestner aka Burton or Wisher in Carrigan township
Kinmundy aka Evergreen in Kinmundy township

Lee (6 burials) in Salem township
Lewis aka Frost in Carrigan township
Lewis aka Phillips in Omega township
Little Grove in township Walnut Hill
Lovells Grove 1880 in Omega township
Lynch aka Eagan or Storment or Tripp in Tonti township

Marion County Poor Farm in Stevenson township
Martin in Foster township
McConnahay in Raccoon township
McGuire aka Brown or Gain or Jameson in Iuka township
Meador in Patoka township, Vernon
Meador aka Union in Romine township
Medder in Kinmundy township
Middleton aka Cope in Iuka township
Millican in Omega township
Mound in Alma township
Mount Evergreen aka Central City in Centralia township
Mount Moriah in Raccoon township
Myers aka Barrall in Romine township

New Liberty Baptist aka Wooley in Iuka township
North Fork aka Doolen in Foster township

Odin in township Odin
Old Bethel in Stevenson township
Old Covenanter in township
Old Donoho in Romine township
Old Walnut Hill in Centralia township
Onstott aka Robinson in Iuka township

Paint Rock in Romine township
Palestine in Romine township
Paradise in Salem township
Patoka in Patoka township south of Vandalia, west of Rt 51 on north side of Patoka
Peaceful Valley in Sandoval-Odin township
Peacock aka Frizzel or Conant in Foster township
Phelps aka Carrigan or Fairman or Steele in Carrigan township
Phillips in Centralia township
Phillips aka Lewis in Omega township
Pigg (7 burials) in Salem township
Pitts in Raccoon township
Pleasant Grove aka Branch in Raccoon township
Pleasant Hill aka Snow Hill in Iuka township
Protz aka Holt in Patoka township
Purdue in Haines township

Rabbit Grove aka Rabbit Grove in Stevenson township
Ray (3 burials) in Raccoon township
Riverview in township Salem
Robinson aka Onstott in Iuka township
Romine Brethren aka Dunkard in Stevenson township
Romine Prairie in Raccoon township
Rose in Alma township
Roupp (4 burials) in Iuka township

Salem Paradise in township 2638 State Route 37, Salem
Sandoval in Sandoval-Odin township
Sandy Branch in Foster township Pleasant well-kept cemetery in the woods
Sellers (5 burials) in Salem township
Shadden in Omega township
Shanghai (7 burials) in Kinmundy township
Shook in Centralia township on land owned by Mr. & Mrs. Donald Miller (2003)
Siemer (stones removed) in Haines township
Siloam aka Clack in Omega township
Smith in Omega township
Snow Hill aka Pleasant Hill in Iuka township
Snyder in Centralia township
Snyder Farm (2 burials) in Patoka township
St. Elizabeth Seaton in Kinmundy township
St. Lawrence Catholic in Sandoval-Odin township
Steele aka Carrigan or Fairman or Phelps in Carrigan township
Stonecipher aka Hall in Haines township
Storment aka Eagan or Lynch or Tripp in Tonti township
Stuber (4 burials) in Romine township
Summit Prairie in Stevenson township

Thorpe in Patoka township
Tilman aka Vernon in Patoka township
Trinity Lutheran (German) in Iuka township
Tripp aka Eagan or Lynch or Storment in Tonti township

Union aka Meador in Romine township
Union Grove in Stevenson township

Vernon aka Tilman in Patoka township

Walnut Hill in township Walnut Hill
Weems aka Bryant or Fields in Romine township
Wham Hill in Haines township
Whitchurch in Centralia township
White (6 burials) in Meacham township
Wilson in Alma township
Wisher aka Burton or Kestner in Carrigan township
Wooley aka New Liberty in Iuka township

Yost in Alma township
Young (2 burials) in Salem township

Zion Grove fka County Line in Raccoon township
Zion Hill in Centralia township At the intersection of Green St. & Zion Hill Rd., the road to the left is Odin Rd., but to the right is Zion Hill Rd.